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*** FOR VINYLTHON 2023 - Any participating station that broadcasts at least 24 hours of only vinyl over the weekend will be eligible to receive this award. We just ask that stations contribute $7 to help cover the shipping fees to get them the Slipmat ($12 for countries outside of the USA).  ***




Since 2017, Vinylthon has awarded any participating station that goes the full 24 hours of Vinylthon as vinyl-only, with the Golden Slipmat Award.

The award is kindly sponsored by Glowtronics, who make the specially-designed slipmats that we send to the stations to recognize their achievement.

It's no small achievement either, as each station that wins the award is committed to playing all music from only vinyl, and for the entire duration of the day, from midnight to midnight. That
's quite a physical and logistical effort for any station.

The only exception to having to play music from vinyl is live talk, interviews with guests and live music from bands and artists, as well as playing the Vinylthon Radio Special that is typically an hour in duration.

It's free for stations to try to win the award and we ship out two slipmats to all stations that can certify after the event that they did indeed complete the 24 hours of vinyl-only.

We have heard some remarkable stories of how stations have rallied together to make the award a reality and how one student even went 17 hours solo to win the award!

Each year the award has a different design, so it never looks the same from year to year. We also hear how stations use them on their turntables, but some also frame them too! We even heard from one station that purchased a trophy cabinet for their Golden Slipmat Award!

We thank Glowtronics for their sponsorship of this event and this unique award!

Official Sponsor of the Golden Slipmat Award since 2017


The inaugural Golden Slipmat Award
in 2017


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